Tours with theme
The South, the Ksours "castels"and the ghorfas"traditional chambers", near the region of Ksour and Djebel Dahar is Gabes, it is an antique Carthaginian colony, you can discover its palm grove foretaste of the paradise as Georges Bernanos named it when he stayed in Tunisia and where he ended his room, The Dialogue of the Carmelites
The marketplace, the ancient caravanserai, extends a zone livened up by renewed souks, basket makers, jewelers, in the smiths
By leaving Gabes discover the archeological site of Ghiti, Médénine and the ghorfa of the ksar, join Tataouine and visit Ksar Ouled Soltane and ksar Ouled Debbab.

Douiret, Chenini, Toujane, Tamerzet, Berber villages of which you can admire a magnificent landscape. These villages are arranged in amphitheater on the side of a mountain riddled with caves of house as the alveolus of an immense termites' nest. Here everything is picturesque, impressive, grandiose.

In Douiret you will find the unique subterranean mosques of Tunisia.
Continue towards Matmata and its famous cave dwellings, where the film-maker Georges Lucas turned the first episode of "the Star Wars".
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