The trips
Oasis of mountain
Surprising oases of an ancient mountain in Chebika Roman Ad-Spéculum irrigated by waters of a source which goes out at the bottom of a taken throat lavishing its waters on attractive bouquets of palm trees. Tamerza behind a granite mountain range seems suspended on the sides of a gigantic canyon, Midès small perched village overhanging an oasis, a real harbour of greenery.


Occupied since the prehistory, quoted Libyque then steelyard conquered by the Byzantine then Arabic. Nefta the supernatural becomes the Mecca of the Sufism. Its counts more than hundred marabouts (Zaouia Sidi Brahim) and 24 mosques. Clamped Nefta enters between the Chott el Jérid and sand dunes, is famous by its basket at the bottom of which spring sourcesat the origin of a palm grove. Marabouts and mosques were built on the edge of the basket. By far Nefta appears as a carpet untidily forgotten by the angels on the sand of the desert, on a summer night.Not forgetten, the architecture is so typical, as to Tozeur made by bricks full of ochre color. This architecture of biblical villages attracted several film-makers; Rossellini chose this village to recreate the life of the Messiah "saint christ".

Lezard Rouge train

The Lezard Rouge ( red Lizard) is the name given to a tourist train of Tunisia browsing the gorge of Selja, a canyon to cliffs in the center which flows 'lacs of  Selja'

The depart station start from Métlaoui (city located between Tozeur and Gafsa) in the center-west of the country, the train browsing then 43 kilometers on a portion borrowed by the trains mining evacuating phosphates.


The Marazigues, the most important tribe exist and live in the southern Nefzaoua (approximately 20 000 persons) are grouped together at DOUZ which is their capital .Douz is the door of the desert and lives in pace of its market weekly or meet the last nomadic pastoralists of camels and goats ; it is also the departure of camel and a center of babouches handcrafts by  hair and leather of camels. If Mahjoub, son of an ancestor of Marazigues summed up in a poem the ideal nomade :
"I will make my sons far of wetlands, which are the man is a slave of stifling under the affront, rather their honor except, bellies half empty, and not bellies fed to the price of humiliation"

Ong Djemel

A few kilometers between Tozeur and Nefta, runway join the first dunes crescent-shaped surrounding the Chott El Gharsa to admire the sunset, join Ong Djemel (ressembling the head and neck of a camel), where the erosion combined by wind and water has carved of spectacular forms. One of places of shooting of the "Star Wars " and " English Patient " the famous movies.

Oasis of Degache

Throught the oasis of Deguache, where you can taste the " legmi " juice of palm, and hiking up to the Zaouia of Sidi Boulhel (Marabout, companion of the prophet) in a fantastic landscape framework of turning of " English Patient. All years for the feast of marabouts, the inhabitants climb this mountain
Spend a few days to the Zaouia, share their meals and  partys in the honor of the Marabout. Sunset on the Chott El Djérid (Salted Lake) with locally " aioun " sources artesian, and without forgetting the mirages


Sened is one of the few places of Tunisia where we are talking about a dialect berber which a elsewhere borrowed the name of the city to designate. Essentially agricultural, the resources of Sened are also drawn a crafts carpet weaving as well as its vocation of administrative center.
The mountains around Sened, case the Djebel Ourbat and the Djebel Majoura, were the theater of several fighting between the military resistance Tunisian and the French forces during the period of the protectorate.

Tozeur, discover the Tunisian Gastronomy

During your stay in Tozeur, come in a Tozerean family to share its delicious home cooking.
You will realize dishes of the region of the South, Couscous, Brigs Earthenware cooking pot, Chorba, Berber pizza, salad méchouia etc.. which you will taste then within the family.
You will elaborate with the hostess of spices which are so particular in Tunisia, and which you will take with you to reproduce the excellent dishes which you discovered and realized.